Luna’s Home from Egypt.

Hello everyone!!

Been a little while since I have used my blog but here I am. Feeling in a writing mood tonight and thought I would come and share all the things in my life that have been going on.

Well I have been back home here in Michigan for about little over 3 months now. Everything here at home is nice to be back into. Very very happy to say that I will be a Grandma again. My daughter after a few years of trying to have her 2nd baby is now about ready to have my Grandson. Her due date will be August 15th and I will be traveling to Oaklahoma to be with her about a week after to help with the baby. So a Proud granny of 9 now I am.

My Daughter Josephine

We are all waiting for the baby to come and we are all excited. Baby Boxer (my daughter) is ready to have the baby. She has a High risk level so rest, and readiness is in play for the birth of the baby. I must say to my other grandson baby mando is preparing to be the best brother I know he will be. Already giving kisses and closeness to his baby brother. (yes the new baby is a (boy).

giving baby brother kisses

I know baby Mando will be a great Big brother. It is hard to believe all the grand kids are getting so big. So much joy in seeing them grow even if Grandma is not with each of them all the time. The family is spread all over the country from each other so catching up face to face is kinda hard. But it’s all good we are still close. I stopped the last post of introducing all the kids to everyone so since i am in a writing mood I guess I can do that. So this would be my Baby Girl. well not a baby she is a grown Beautiful woman I am very proud of her. A mother and wife and 100% of what I was a parent and wife. I am so proud of her. She a Mini me and the  mama’s of the family. She loves her family very much and shows us all that with her heart everyday. She is also is the Family portecter. There is a reason her nickname is ” Baby Boxer” LOL.  So here is my Daughter Josephine and her Family.


My Daughter and Mini ME Josephine.

My son in law Mando with Baby Mando when he was a baby.

Grandma’s Big Boy ” Baby Mando”

Josephine is my 3rd oldest and my only girl but she is as strong as all the boy put together. I love you mama’s….



Your Invited! (message from Luna).

Radio Personality and Owner of Luna Live Now (LUNA)Hello World

As being in my 2nd home of Egypt for more then a year now it is time to go back to 1st in the USA. I am excited and sad at the same time. Being here in Egypt has been a experience I will never forget. I had been in Egypt  for over a year and this country is so loving and the people are 100 times that. From the Great Pyramids to the Nile it is far more then any person coming here can tell you it is one of them things you have to do for yourself to get the real feel of it. I had the chance to live it and I can tell you it is a place you want to put on your list to do. Maybe you will not stay for a year but you want to come and visit and see how beautiful it really is. It goes way beyond the famous Pyramids and all the tourist places it is the most beautiful by the people them self and the warmth and love you feel while you are here.

Being that I will be home soon I am really Excited to announce that we at Luna Live Now and Luna Cafe Internet Radio will be back up and on air. You all know what this means. YES ” Luna Late Night”. For you who are like. ” What the hell is Luna Late Night?”  Luna Late Night is a Internet Radio Show I do after hour’s. It really is a more adult viewing show because we it is a Time where I unwind and just be me along with My listener’s. We Play some music but it is mostly where I take time with my adult viewer’s to just talk about Topics that are in the News, running around internet, including music and many other topics and issues. On the Luna Late Night Show I open up more because the show is intending for a Adult audience so the it is not censored. We do call in’s and I also sometimes surprise my listener’s and Friends by Calling them out of the blue and BOOM there on air and on the spot. Luna Late Night is all real no acts or roles to play everything is on a who the Hell knows what is going to happen bases. It is the way I like it to be. A time where everyone can just be them self. We do have a younger audience in the Day and evening’s so we keep a more lower tone in these times on Luna Cafe Internet Radio out of respect for our younger viewer’s When it hits Luna Late Night. The gloves come off. I have added Speak Out to my show which will give the Listener’s the chance to SPEAK OUT  there own thought’s, Idea’s and even pick more of the topics on my show. Luna Late Night always has live on air broadcast where you not only hear Luna but I am Live and On Air via video. New to my show is YOU can be also. and I invite Everyone to join us. There is a Live chat to talk with me and all the listener’s. I am really excited to be coming back and I missed you all. I hope you all will join me on our first On air Broadcast on March 28th. See you there and keep a eye out for the links and information we will be broadcastiing on.

I want to Thank Everyone who through out the years have stayed watching us at Luna Live Now and Luna Cafe Internet Radio. It is an honor to bring you just our love for music and share some nice and sometimes crazy times with you.


Meet My Family “They make me who I am”.

Starting my Blog out I can not go very far without introducing the people who mean the most to me. That would be my family. In fact I am so proud of them that I have decided to share them with you all here. Although I am in Egypt we stand in contact as much as we all can. I am going to start out with My 4th son who we will call ” Baby Dyno”. This is a name given to him by my listener on the My internet radio station when he was helping Dj on 5150fm. The name stuck. I am starting out with him because well right now I am conversing with him on Facebook and trying to make him feel better from a hard day. I hope this helps a little more for him to know MOM’S thinking of him.

My Son Baby Dyno

So what can a Mother say other than All her Children are Wonderful and Great. Well when this mother says this she really means it. If any parent says they can not be friends with their children I am here to say ” that is a lie”. I have a wonderful way with all my kids. I have tried in their growing up to be as real as a mother can be. My saying to my kids is the same as my mother ” God Bless her” has raised me by saying. ” If your Right I stand with 100%, If your wrong I stand 100% with you also but will be the first one to let you know your 100% wrong. As a young mother I have grown with my Children. I have learned a hell of a lot from them and I know they have learned from me and my life’s mistakes. Everyone of them have grown to beyond what I expected them to. Baby Dyno is My Artist is every way. As a child he was the one who was always right beside mom when it came to music, singing, dancing during my Music career. My favorite memory of him was his comment to me when he was little of ” Mom when you die can I have your voice”. Being he was just little he really did not know just what he was saying but it is something I will always remember from his childhood. He also was always following me singing. My favorite memory of that is. (and he is going to kill me for saying it” is his love for the Titanic Song ” My heart will go on” His favorite part was the Bridge and he sang it will feeling and very very loud. It was like.

“Your here there’s nothing I fear and I know that my heart will go on”

Haa He always nailed it. Now Baby Dyno as an Adult is just as amazing as he was when he was a child. Living with my Mother in Michigan He is a Pro Hair Stylist, Does Makeup, and Mom is Proud of her Son. To You Baby Dyno You make mom proud I love you son and you never seem to stop amazing me with your talent, inner beauty, and Loving personality.

Baby Dyno at work.

Luna’s Hello to the World

Luna Greeting

Hello everyone it has been a long time coming on me starting my own blog. As everyone knows other than writing music I am not big on writing to the public. I wan to start out by thanking many who have brought me to at last start a blog. Many saying it would be for me to do. (thinking and hoping it will be anyway). I have no experience in writing (LOL). But we will give it a try. I guess I will give a little about myself to start off for everyone to know me really im just a normal everyday person nothing fancy just have had a lot of life learning experiences one’s I like to share and some I will be really sad to share but keeping real in this blog is my goal. I would like to warn everyone I am not really good on grammar or spelling so you may see a lot of typos depends on rather I hit the grammar and spell check button. All in all I hope everyone will enjoy my thoughts and feelings about what I document and share. Thanks for reading.

About LUNA

I am a 44-year-old married American woman living in Alexandria Egypt since October of 2010. I am from Michigan in the United States mother of 5 wonderful children and 8 Grandchildren also Daughter, Sister of my family who live in Michigan. I have been in Music from the age of 5 years and have had many different advantages of performing with artist and bands through out my life with the passion for music. I have also worked in the Medical field, Internet Radio as an Internet Radio personality since 2000. Now owning my own Internet Radio Network Luna Cafe Internet Radio Network on my own site Luna Live Now. Since I have been in Egypt I have not done too much on broadcasting my self but keep the network going as I can. Soon I hope to be home and start from where I lacked in being able to broadcast from Egypt. I like to to talk about all topic that are roaming around our small world and if you like to talk about them also please feel free to comment on my blog.  I am a very open minded person, up front no sugar coating issues i see no reason to in a real world that needs to be talked about.

Join me and lets learn