Luna Greeting

Hello everyone it has been a long time coming on me starting my own blog. As everyone knows other than writing music I am not big on writing to the public. I wan to start out by thanking many who have brought me to at last start a blog. Many saying it would be for me to do. (thinking and hoping it will be anyway). I have no experience in writing (LOL). But we will give it a try. I guess I will give a little about myself to start off for everyone to know me really im just a normal everyday person nothing fancy just have had a lot of life learning experiences one’s I like to share and some I will be really sad to share but keeping real in this blog is my goal. I would like to warn everyone I am not really good on grammar or spelling so you may see a lot of typos depends on rather I hit the grammar and spell check button. All in all I hope everyone will enjoy my thoughts and feelings about what I document and share. Thanks for reading.

About LUNA

I am a 44-year-old married American woman living in Alexandria Egypt since October of 2010. I am from Michigan in the United States mother of 5 wonderful children and 8 Grandchildren also Daughter, Sister of my family who live in Michigan. I have been in Music from the age of 5 years and have had many different advantages of performing with artist and bands through out my life with the passion for music. I have also worked in the Medical field, Internet Radio as an Internet Radio personality since 2000. Now owning my own Internet Radio Network Luna Cafe Internet Radio Network on my own site Luna Live Now. Since I have been in Egypt I have not done too much on broadcasting my self but keep the network going as I can. Soon I hope to be home and start from where I lacked in being able to broadcast from Egypt. I like to to talk about all topic that are roaming around our small world and if you like to talk about them also please feel free to comment on my blog.  I am a very open minded person, up front no sugar coating issues i see no reason to in a real world that needs to be talked about.

Join me and lets learn