Starting my Blog out I can not go very far without introducing the people who mean the most to me. That would be my family. In fact I am so proud of them that I have decided to share them with you all here. Although I am in Egypt we stand in contact as much as we all can. I am going to start out with My 4th son who we will call ” Baby Dyno”. This is a name given to him by my listener on the My internet radio station when he was helping Dj on 5150fm. The name stuck. I am starting out with him because well right now I am conversing with him on Facebook and trying to make him feel better from a hard day. I hope this helps a little more for him to know MOM’S thinking of him.

My Son Baby Dyno

So what can a Mother say other than All her Children are Wonderful and Great. Well when this mother says this she really means it. If any parent says they can not be friends with their children I am here to say ” that is a lie”. I have a wonderful way with all my kids. I have tried in their growing up to be as real as a mother can be. My saying to my kids is the same as my mother ” God Bless her” has raised me by saying. ” If your Right I stand with 100%, If your wrong I stand 100% with you also but will be the first one to let you know your 100% wrong. As a young mother I have grown with my Children. I have learned a hell of a lot from them and I know they have learned from me and my life’s mistakes. Everyone of them have grown to beyond what I expected them to. Baby Dyno is My Artist is every way. As a child he was the one who was always right beside mom when it came to music, singing, dancing during my Music career. My favorite memory of him was his comment to me when he was little of ” Mom when you die can I have your voice”. Being he was just little he really did not know just what he was saying but it is something I will always remember from his childhood. He also was always following me singing. My favorite memory of that is. (and he is going to kill me for saying it” is his love for the Titanic Song ” My heart will go on” His favorite part was the Bridge and he sang it will feeling and very very loud. It was like.

“Your here there’s nothing I fear and I know that my heart will go on”

Haa He always nailed it. Now Baby Dyno as an Adult is just as amazing as he was when he was a child. Living with my Mother in Michigan He is a Pro Hair Stylist, Does Makeup, and Mom is Proud of her Son. To You Baby Dyno You make mom proud I love you son and you never seem to stop amazing me with your talent, inner beauty, and Loving personality.

Baby Dyno at work.