Hello everyone!!

Been a little while since I have used my blog but here I am. Feeling in a writing mood tonight and thought I would come and share all the things in my life that have been going on.

Well I have been back home here in Michigan for about little over 3 months now. Everything here at home is nice to be back into. Very very happy to say that I will be a Grandma again. My daughter after a few years of trying to have her 2nd baby is now about ready to have my Grandson. Her due date will be August 15th and I will be traveling to Oaklahoma to be with her about a week after to help with the baby. So a Proud granny of 9 now I am.

My Daughter Josephine

We are all waiting for the baby to come and we are all excited. Baby Boxer (my daughter) is ready to have the baby. She has a High risk level so rest, and readiness is in play for the birth of the baby. I must say to my other grandson baby mando is preparing to be the best brother I know he will be. Already giving kisses and closeness to his baby brother. (yes the new baby is a (boy).

giving baby brother kisses

I know baby Mando will be a great Big brother. It is hard to believe all the grand kids are getting so big. So much joy in seeing them grow even if Grandma is not with each of them all the time. The family is spread all over the country from each other so catching up face to face is kinda hard. But it’s all good we are still close. I stopped the last post of introducing all the kids to everyone so since i am in a writing mood I guess I can do that. So this would be my Baby Girl. well not a baby she is a grown Beautiful woman I am very proud of her. A mother and wife and 100% of what I was a parent and wife. I am so proud of her. She a Mini me and the  mama’s of the family. She loves her family very much and shows us all that with her heart everyday. She is also is the Family portecter. There is a reason her nickname is ” Baby Boxer” LOL.  So here is my Daughter Josephine and her Family.


My Daughter and Mini ME Josephine.

My son in law Mando with Baby Mando when he was a baby.

Grandma’s Big Boy ” Baby Mando”

Josephine is my 3rd oldest and my only girl but she is as strong as all the boy put together. I love you mama’s….