Personal With Luna

Here you will find My own Personal views on Different Subject’s Although people do not always agree it is a point to keep in mind it is always a option to agree to Disagree. This page is my own little Rant and Praise Page. My personal Feelings about topics and Issues.

When Joining someone Personal Blog goes Wrong

On a norm I tend to jump all over the internet. With in like the past year I have been to a few blogs and tried to join certain people’s views. I started out going to Greta Blog.. The “face lift Queen” of Foxnews. Yes I said it. It was ok at first people welcomed me in and from first day within a few hours I could tell it would be a hard place to voice your thoughts. Only because many of the bloggers there had in fact been there for years from what they had said and it was mostly a Politics Blog. Dumb me being I have never really joined in the Politics kind of talk. I figured being in Egypt and all I have been through here and seeing the need to be concerned with my own government of my country I thought I would give it a try (oh boy). Well it started out as talks on all kinds of topics at first. I did in fact let the people know where I was and of course they knew some of it that was happening here in Egypt. But then things started to turn a little. People started calling names and stating I was Muslim, a Rag Head, Camel lover because the fact that I did admit my husband was Muslim but explained I am not. Oh boy they could not get over that one. They gave me the normal stuff all closed minded people give about the Middle East and Muslims that I have heard over and over. Well it got worse. I use to sign in on my facebook page so that Stalker’s a open door to private Messages. Death threats, more name calling, and comments. So I complained then left. However I did within that time run across a Debate page on Facebook called

100% of a Facebook Scam Personal Page.

This Site is a 100% Hate and Drama Page promotions

Annette’s Debates. I asked to join because it was (private page). Within minutes of requesting it I am in fact added. I scoped it out for a few and then added my first post. Oh the welcoming was over whelming. (like Greta Blog) It was good for the first few months. I spoke on and off with the owner of the page. I even tried to help her out because she said she was a student, Mom of two very sick kids and worked full time. Well that did not work out well. LOL due to the fact she had some others who had been on her page who got just a little upset because they was not asked to help her out. So I leave on my own from the page because I really did not want another Greta’s experience again. About a month in a half later I get a message from the page owner asking me to come back. I thought about it and said what the hell these people have had enough time to get over what was ever in there head to be rude. I had blocked some people before I had left there to keep the peace on the page before I had left and the owner asked me to unblock them. One of the people I guess was having a hard time with the fact that I had blocked him so I decided to unblock them all to make it fair. I wrote the owner of the page and let her know I was doing so but that if I was treated with respect I would in fact not block anymore but stand up for myself. Which in fact is what I again ended up doing. There was a blogger there who we will call ” Sour Mac and Cheese”. Very rude and foul mouthed woman who claims on this site to be a hard core Catholic Woman but can swear like a sailor if you debate Religion, Abortion, or do anything not to agree with her. She is famous for going bi polar on people that prove facts to her and she is in fact not only called out on her closed minded views but proven wrong in them. First attempts are to call you names, Then when that does not work get her family who is on the wall along with her cheerleader’s to jump in on her behalf. Well she also got the owner to do the same for her to support her bi polar actions on the page. This time as they did them to me. I fought back (oh Boy again) I started getting inbox comments of a whole bunch of people who felt just as I did about the page and where it had gone. I also learned that the page was in fact a off page of a whole bunch of the Foxnews crew from blogs and chats on the network. (ding ding) Red Light..  So I decided this way Ok this time I am not going to take this crap again. I went in over forced. (went ghetto) Played the game knowing that if I said how I really felt about the way this woman and other where treating people for there view I would get blocked from the page. But by that time I really did not care. It was enough for me. I went in and I told the woman just what she was a lier, a fake, and cyber bully. The owner of the page did not like and more less said to me that if I did not like this person I could leave… Again I said no I will not leave because of this person. If you not want me here delete me. The woman then again attacked me so again I had to be just as rude and that I did well. I got blocked. (Yayyy) did what I set out to do. Two day’s later I get a nice little comment’s on my facebook wall. From Who? One of the so called blogger’s from this page. Which in fact now after many conversations with Facebook Admin is in fact.. (the owner of the page with a different account.) Go figure. When she posted on my wall other who have befriended  me who have also left this page because of bad experiences with it started commenting on my wall. One being and bringing to my attention that not only was this page not a nice blog page to be at but that there was cyber love or what the owner would like make think men think is cyber love because there in fact was a few about 7 she was trying to hook up with and in fact had by going cross country from where she lived leaving her So Called Very Sick Children alone to do so. So I started doing some investigating. Why you ask? Because back when I was helping her I was also putting her link and promoting her on my Internet Radio Station Page which in fact was most likely what brought some people in fact i know brought people to her page.  This in fact would put me into a bad light if my finding are true which most of them are. I contacted Facebook and to my surprise they had already started a Red Flag on her page from other complaints. I have found out alot. They suspect her as being a SCAM page. They stated her trying to get money from people by trying to promote her page that Facebook in fact owns. So I thought about it for a few and then the light bulb went on. I was like YES she did … When I was On the Wall shes did mention with other’s that she wanted help for her kids one she had said to have Kidney problems and that she needed or was trying to be tested to her a Kidney, Then she came up with after that that her other child had Cancer and needed Chemo. I was like wow. but then She changed it to the whole page. Stating that she thanked people for wanting to help her but that she needed wanted or was going to start selling T-Shirts for 20.00 with her page title and picture to help her out with the page? (the page is Free through facebook). They even sent the page a link to buy the t-shirt’s I never went to it but did comment that if I wanted one I would make my own. Not knowing what I know I now about it through facebook. So it all came together. The woman is using her page to

  1. Lure and meet men to at some point and time hookup with states away from her own for some reason. To perhaps get money off them. (remember there is more then one man).
  2. Either Lie about having children with serious illness’s or Using that as an excuse to of course get people to ” Donate on there own and give her money”. If she has kids at all.
  3. The woman is confirmed by facebook as having over 7 accounts all in 5 are woman and 2 are men off her IP address. ? that was kind of weird but did explain the woman or so called Friend of hers that came to my page. Starting Drama on her behave.
  4. She is confirmed by at least 4 men to have given her phone number to and texted and spoke with at least two in a very romantic way. Hurting 1 I know for 100% of his words that she led him to think she wanted a relationship. Until he caught her with someone else that she also met on the internet and from her page.

She lied to me on many things as far as saying she was from foxnews and they promote her page.  foxenews does not or has not ever heard of her page. Confirmed by Foxnews via Email. The woman is a Fraud.

As for me I am done with personal Blogs I have made my own. It will be more then just a Blog but a Show on my own Station and this woman and ” mac and Cheese are more then welcome as I personally invite them on my show to defend all what I said here. Hope to hear from them soon 😉 …. If people want to talk about issues they can come to me I am done finding places like this. I am sure when people read this they will say the same. My thoughts and Rants about Personal Blogs.


4 thoughts on “Personal With Luna”

  1. Jonathan said:

    More power to you! I am one of the men that she gave her personal number out to. I am one of the victims of the receipt of the threat of gun violence. I am one of the ex-members who came back after she apologized for her cronies. I am another facebook member who left a second time and am very happy to see that someone has finally taken action to end this injustice.

    I believe that Annette is hiding behind what so many business partnerships and corporate entities hide behind when fraud and negligent behavior run rampant: limited liability, but you have outlined, very well, I might add, how Annette is personally responsible for the harassment and intimidation that frequents her page. The reason she allows it to continue: the same reason organized crime lets its cronies do the dirty work. It was always her intention to organize an attack on those that have different views. The biggest personal loss to me: having wasted a year of my life befriending those that would only punish me for attempting to bring the light of day to their room. Alas, i have found a much better place to congregate, not because they all share my beliefs, but because they show civility, even in disagreement.

    I mentioned earlier that I had foolishly returned to Annette’s debates at some point. I agreed to this mainly because I had just finished a speech class taught by a former Bush writer. I felt I had the knowledge to assign definitions to the fallacies presented on the page and to help Annette to promote a more civil deliberation. I was surprised to find, when I returned, the intimidation and harassment factor had gone through the roof. PLEASE, ANYONE WHO HAS SUFFERED INTIMIDATION IN THIS FORUM … LET FACEBOOK KNOW. I did, and apparently it has done some good this time. The main thing I lost in that room was faith in the America my baby girl will be living in decades from now. Thank you Ms. Luna for helping to restore some of that and IF ANNETTE AND MAC AND CHEESE EVER DECIDE TO STEP FOOT IN A PUBLIC DEBATE FORUM WITH YOU, PLEASE LET US KNOW. I will be one of the first to call in with my question.

    The last line of the last lecture from my speech professor was as follows, “if our democracy is to survive, we must regain our civility.” May you all find a little more civility in your tomorrows.

    • Thank You very much Jonathan for your account from this very troubled page on facebook. Between Facebook, You and many other’s and myself. I am sure this page will not last very long. As they go on everyday to create more victims of all said above. Them victims are coming forward just like you. Just a matter of time they will be confronted by me in Public. Everything will be revealed Then I always give a chance for someone to Either fess up to there wrong doing’s or Defend them. It is her call on that. Mine is to make people aware of it. Thank you so much for your input.

  2. TheOneandOnly said:

    Jonathan, I would love to get in touch with you and swap stories.

  3. Jonathan said:

    That would be fine with me. Like I illustrated above, I believe that infringing upon the trust created by the intimacy of a friendship is one of the worst civil offenses and should be punishable in some fashion. Thank you for your support.

    Here is a link to my facebook page:

    I hope that Luna is still finding success with prosecuting, in whatever fashion possible, Annette and her individual assistants. It should not be a very difficult task as there is so much evidence and public outcry against this horrible travesty allowed under the current laws and rights of the perversion of free speech. Let us know if we can help Mrs Luna.

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